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Dallas Police Department Make Use-of-Force Data Available Online to the Public

Dallas Police release use-of-force report and interactive dashboards to the public

To be further accountable and transparent, the Dallas Police Department is making comprehensive officer use-of-force data available online to the public.

The Department will make the data available in two distinct formats: in a written report and interactive dashboards.

The report will be in a PDF format, while the dashboards use maps, charts, and graphs to present Use-of-Force data in a format that can be filtered by single or multiple data fields.

In April 2022, Dallas Police began working with Police Strategies LLC., a vendor that provides data evaluation and analysis, to study Dallas Police use-of-force data and create the report and dashboards.  

The first report analyzed historical data from 2014 to 2021 and provides an in-depth analysis of use of force data from January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021.

For the 2021 report, Dallas PD and Dallas Information and Technology Services (ITS) provided electronic extracts from incident reports that included summaries of the incidents and officer statements.

The findings in the report for Use of Force include:

– Date, Time, and Location of Use of Force Incidents
– Reason for Contact
– Force Justification
– Force Factor
– Force Tactic – whether physical or a weapon was used
– Subjects – gender, race, and age
– Injuries – Officers and subjects

The findings in the report for Show of Force (i.e. pointing or displaying and threatening to use a weapon) include:

  • Reason for Contact
  • Force Frequency
  • Subjects – gender, race, and age
  • Disposition of Show of Force Incidents

The dashboards will be updated on a regular basis and annual written reports will be produced that summarize the analysis and findings.

The next dashboard update will occur in the spring of 2023 using data from the first six months of 2022.

Data from the remainder of 2022 will be added by the summer of 2023.

Dashboard updates will then be made on a quarterly basis.

A copy of the 2021 written report and the use-of-force dashboard can be viewed at

In addition, Police Strategies LLC has also developed a new online officer-involved shooting dashboard based on data provided. It can be viewed at

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