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Tips to Combat Porch Pirates During Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, the prevalence of online shopping has surged, making doorstep deliveries a target for porch pirates—thieves who snatch packages left unattended. In 2022, over 75% of households nationwide fell victim to porch pirates, resulting in a staggering loss of over $19 million.

To curb these incidents and safeguard citizens from falling victim to theft, local Police Departments are providing valuable tips for protecting packages:

  1. Track Your Packages: Stay informed about the delivery status and set up alerts to know when packages are delivered, allowing for timely retrieval.

  2. Install a Video Doorbell: Enhance security by installing a video doorbell, providing a visual deterrent and capturing footage of any suspicious activity.

  3. Use a Mailbox Sensor: Sync a mailbox sensor with your security system to activate outdoor cameras when the mailbox is opened, ensuring comprehensive surveillance.

  4. Secure Package Lockers: Opt for delivery to secure package lockers, reducing the risk of theft by keeping packages in a protected location.

  5. Require a Signature: Request a signature upon package delivery to add an extra layer of security and ensure that packages are received by the intended recipient.

  6. Porch Lock Box: Utilize a porch lock box that requires a key or code for access, preventing unauthorized individuals from taking packages.

  7. Visible Home Security Measures: Make it evident that your home is equipped with security measures, such as cameras, to deter potential thieves.

In case of any suspicious activity, residents are encouraged to promptly report it to the police and inform neighbors. By following these precautions and staying vigilant, the community can collectively contribute to reducing porch piracy and safeguarding property during this festive season.

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