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City of Irving Updates: Progress on Irving Boulevard and MacArthur Boulevard Projects

MacArthur Boulevard construction from Northgate Drive to Byron Nelson Way is substantially complete (photo courtesy of City of Irving)

The City of Irving is making significant strides in improving its road infrastructure, with updates on two major projects aimed at enhancing the travel experience for residents and visitors.

Irving Boulevard

Construction on the Irving Boulevard Reconstruction Project, stretching from Sowers Road to Strickland Plaza, is well underway and is now 75% complete. This $22.2 million project, which commenced in November 2021, is expected to conclude by the end of this year. The latest developments include the ongoing demolition work to create new driveway approaches and parallel parking along the corridor, starting from the project's east end and moving west along the north side of Irving Boulevard.

The Lee Street approach has already been installed, enabling access to Strickland Plaza from Lee Street. Grading near Britain Road is in progress, paving the way for upcoming road surfacing activities. Crews have successfully completed the four corner ramps at the Main Street and Irving Boulevard intersection. In addition to road improvements, the project also includes the installation of new sidewalks and ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Beautification efforts are in store for the area, with plans to plant 45 trees along Irving Boulevard and install concrete totems at the O'Connor Road and Irving Boulevard intersection, as well as brick pavers at O'Connor, Main Street, and Britain Road.

MacArthur Boulevard

Simultaneously, work has commenced on the MacArthur Boulevard project, with a budget of $27.9 million allocated for this initiative. Segment 1 of the project, spanning from Northgate Drive to Byron Nelson Way, is now substantially complete. All traffic has been shifted to the newly constructed southbound traffic lanes. Crews have also repaired a 24-inch storm drainage pipe at the northeast corner of Byron Nelson Way and MacArthur Boulevard.

The focus has now shifted to Segment 2 of the project, extending from Metker Street to Northgate Drive, which began construction in August. Crews are currently installing a new water main at the Rochelle intersection and implementing stormwater and wastewater systems within MacArthur Boulevard.

Weather permitting, the MacArthur Boulevard project is scheduled for completion in February 2025.

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