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Ellis County, Texas News

Ellis County Man Convicted of Aggravated Assault Sentenced to 50 Years in Landmark Domestic Violence Case

Mugshot of Robert Edgar Parham III

In a significant victory against domestic violence, Ellis County and District Attorney Ann Montgomery announced yesterday that Robert Edgar Parham, III, was found guilty of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon and subsequently sentenced to 50 years in prison by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. The verdict was reached on August 24, 2023, marking a pivotal moment in a case that exposed the insidious nature of domestic abuse.

The conviction relates to a disturbing incident that took place on March 17, 2019, when Parham subjected his girlfriend to a brutal assault. Court documents indicate that Parham physically attacked the victim, pinning her down, striking her face and head, and delivering kicks to her ribs. He further escalated the violence by repeatedly hitting the back of her head with a pistol. The situation took a sinister turn when Parham placed the gun against her head, forcing her to beg for her life. The victim was only released when she agreed to falsely attribute her injuries to an ATV accident.

Upon discovering the victim's injuries, her family encouraged her to seek medical attention and involve law enforcement. Initially, she disclosed the truth about the assault and its details. However, fear of reprisal from Parham led her to recant her statement, falsely claiming her injuries resulted from an ATV accident.

The case eventually reached trial in August 2023 after Parham's arrest in February 2022, following his attempt to evade justice by fleeing to Mexico. During the trial, evidence emerged of Parham's history of abusing partners, including a prior conviction for assaulting a former spouse. This revelation underscored the seriousness of the issue and the necessity of addressing domestic violence comprehensively.

Ellis County and District Attorney Ann Montgomery stated, "Domestic violence is often a hidden crime. Abusers use power and control to ensure their victims remain in fear and keep silent. Even when victims are afraid to speak out against their abusers, our office will do everything we can to give victims a voice and see that justice is done."

The case was prosecuted by Assistant County and District Attorneys Hope Sumrow and Kayce Witt. They were assisted by County and District Attorney Investigator Joe Aguilar and felony clerk Jenny Wilhoite. The investigation was conducted by the Waxahachie Police Department, and the Ellis County and District Attorney's Office expressed gratitude to Kathryn Jacob of Safe Haven for her expert testimony on domestic abuse and intimate partner violence.

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