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Lewisville, Texas News

Man Arrested for Indecency and Stalking at a Lewisville Dollar General Store

On June 27, 2023, Lewisville Patrol Officers swiftly responded to an indecency call at Dollar General, located at 502 South Old Orchard Lane, after receiving reports of a male suspect engaging in inappropriate behavior while harassing store employees. Despite an extensive search of the area, the officers were unable to locate the individual at the time.

The employees who had fallen victim to the suspect's behavior expressed their distress, revealing that this was not the first occurrence involving the same individual. Faced with recurring incidents, the authorities decided to leverage the store's surveillance footage to identify the culprit responsible.

Following a diligent investigation, the patrol officers successfully identified the suspect as Troy Wiley, a 28-year-old resident of Lewisville. Their breakthrough led them to a nearby apartment complex where Wiley was believed to be residing. Remarkably, upon his arrest, it was discovered that Wiley had an outstanding warrant from Harris County for possessing prohibited weapons, leading to his immediate detainment. No bond was granted for the aforementioned warrant.

In light of the evidence gathered and the alarming pattern of behavior exhibited, the Lewisville Police Department subsequently charged Troy Wiley with stalking, pertaining to the offense committed at Dollar General.

To ensure public safety and prevent any potential further incidents, Wiley is presently being held in the Denton County Jail, where he faces a bond set at $20,000.

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