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Plano, Texas News

Plano Police Department Implements New Beat Alignment for Eastern Side of City

On Monday, January 8th, 2024, the Plano Police Department announced the implementation of a new beat alignment for the eastern side of the city. The current radio call volume division between Channel 1 and Channel 2, with the dividing line at Custer Road, has been reorganized to enhance operational efficiency.

The radio channels are segmented into four sectors: A, B, C, and D. Sectors A and B are contained within Channel 1, while sectors C and D are contained within Channel 2. Each sector is further divided into individual beats, with officers assigned to specific areas.

The decision to realign beats is a result of careful considerations, including call volume distribution, the minimum required number of officers per sector, traffic patterns affecting responsiveness, and future planned developments introducing new residences and businesses.

The previous beat realignment on February 14, 2022, increased the city's beats from 23 to 25, with a corresponding rise in the minimum number of officers on Channel 2 from 12 to 14. The newly implemented realignment further refines the structure, increasing beats from 25 to 27. This adjustment brings the minimum number of officers on Channel 1 from 11 to 13 officers.

Despite Channel 2 covering a larger geographical area, the call load volume between both channels is comparable. Anticipating future developments such as Assembly Park at K Ave and Spring Creek Pkwy, and the Collin Creek Mall redevelopment at West Plano Parkway and Alma Drive, the department proactively added more officers to these areas.

The objective of this realignment is to achieve a more equitable distribution of officers across both channels, ultimately improving response times to calls. Enhancing timely service is a key performance measure for the Plano Police Department, and this adjustment aligns with their commitment to maintaining public safety.

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