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Irving Water Utilities Department Urges Caution in Winter Sprinkler Usage

The Irving Water Utilities Department is issuing a reminder to residents and businesses to exercise caution with their automated sprinkler systems during the winter months. Leaving sprinklers on automatic settings during colder weather can lead to the system operating during or just before freezing temperatures, resulting in hazardous ice formations on roads and sidewalks.

City officials emphasize the importance of turning off automated sprinklers until the arrival of spring. This not only ensures the safety of roadways and walkways but also helps keep water bills at a minimum.

Given the dormant state of North Texas landscapes in winter, trees, shrubs, and grass no longer require frequent irrigation. The city advises residents to operate sprinklers manually, limiting their use to no more than once every four to six weeks and only when temperatures are expected to remain well above freezing. This approach helps prevent accidental activation that may contribute to icy conditions.

Irving now has year-round, twice-per-week irrigation limits with odd addresses using Sunday and Wednesday to water and even addresses using Saturday and Tuesday. From Nov. 1 to April 1, it is acceptable to irrigate during daytime hours, when it is typically warmest. If using hose-end sprinklers, it is a good time now to drain and store hoses, sprinklers and nozzles. Those who choose to irrigate lawns and landscaping should choose the appropriate day to avoid a warning or fine.

Residents and business owners are advised to conduct a checkup on an irrigation system before use, including the rain/freeze sensor, to ensure proper operation. For more information, visit

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