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Mansfield, Texas News

Police Team Effort in Mansfield Leads to Apprehension of Suspects in Stolen Vehicle

At approximately 2:00 p.m. yesterday (Nov. 25th), Mansfield Police Dispatch received a stolen vehicle alert triggered by a Flock License Plate reader in the vicinity of the 1700 block of East Broad Street. Quick and effective coordination ensued as dispatch utilized traffic cameras to track the stolen vehicle, providing assistance to officers in the area.

Upon locating the stolen vehicle, officers apprehended one occupant, while two others attempted to flee on foot. In response, officers established a perimeter, and a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Officer deployed a drone, successfully identifying the hiding places of the remaining suspects behind an AC unit.

Officers were guided to the suspects' location by the drone, facilitating their apprehension. The stolen vehicle, traced back to Arlington, was returned to its rightful owner. During the arrest, it was revealed that one of the suspects was a juvenile in possession of a stolen handgun.

The incident showcased exceptional teamwork among the dispatch team, officers on the ground, and the UAS Officer, highlighting the effectiveness of collaborative efforts in law enforcement.

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