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National Breast Cancer Foundation Invests $355,000 in Parkland Health Foundation's Breast Health Program

Parkland Health Foundation is expressing gratitude for a significant philanthropic boost from the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), amounting to $355,000. This investment is designated to bolster mammography screenings, diagnostic services, and the breast health patient navigation program.

Since 2008, NBCF has been a steadfast partner to Parkland Health Foundation, aiding underserved women and breast cancer patients in accessing potentially life-saving screenings and navigating cancer diagnoses.

"Parkland Health Foundation and our patients are grateful for NBCF’s partnership to ensure everyone in our community has equitable access to the resources needed to prevent, detect, treat, and thrive beyond a breast cancer diagnosis," said Michael Horne, EdD, MPP, president, and CEO of Parkland Health Foundation.

Parkland, being the sole public safety-net health system in Dallas County, provides healthcare and essential resources regardless of ZIP code, race, ethnicity, or income level. Statistics reveal that breast cancer patients at Parkland are diagnosed at younger ages and later stages compared to national averages.

With the support of NBCF's contribution, Parkland’s patient navigator program will persist in providing breast cancer patients with guidance throughout their journey from screening to survivorship. This program collaborates with Parkland’s primary care and community organization partners, offering assistance at outreach events, community clinics, and connecting patients with vital resources such as food pantries, transportation, and counseling.

Douglas Feil, NBCF chief program officer, commended Parkland's remarkable legacy of saving and improving lives, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring equal access to quality care for every patient.

Parkland's comprehensive breast health program conducts over 30,000 screening exams and diagnostic tests annually. The foundation continues its mission to diminish barriers to care and address disparities in Dallas County through initiatives like the Moody Center for Breast Health and the mammography suite at the C.V. Roman Health Center.

The ongoing partnership between Parkland Health Foundation and NBCF underscores a shared commitment to combating breast cancer and advancing health equity within the community.

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