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The Addy Foundation Invests $600,000 in Parkland Health for Expanded Family Planning Services

Parkland Health Foundation has announced a significant $600,000 philanthropic investment from The Addy Foundation to support the expansion of family planning services at Parkland Health. This funding is aimed at enhancing access to Parkland's Family Planning Services program, addressing barriers that women and girls encounter when seeking contraceptive care.

The initiative seeks to improve health equity within the community by providing affordable reproductive healthcare, resources, and education to empower all women in need. Trust Her, an initiative of the Child Poverty Action Lab, highlights that unintended pregnancies lead to many Dallas County children starting their lives without crucial resources.

For young women in Dallas County, the lack of access to healthcare and family planning resources can exacerbate physical, mental, and financial health concerns. By reducing barriers to care, Parkland aims to empower young women and girls to prioritize their well-being, decrease unintended pregnancies, and create life plans aligned with their personal goals.

Fred Cerise, MD, Parkland's President & CEO, stated, "At Parkland Health, we continually strive to advance health equity in Dallas County. This generous gift will allow us to serve even more women through our network of community-based Women’s Health Center locations."

The Addy Foundation, known for providing timely and meaningful support to organizations fostering innovative solutions, previously awarded a $135,000 grant to Parkland’s Pediatric Behavioral Health Program in 2021, enhancing behavioral health services for children and adolescents.

Ben Leal, President of The Addy Foundation, expressed the foundation's commitment to improving access to healthcare, including mental health and family planning. Leal emphasized the importance of partnering with Parkland Health to accelerate health impact for the greater good of the community.

Michael Horne, EdD, MPP, President and CEO of Parkland Health Foundation, expressed gratitude for The Addy Foundation's investment in expanding reproductive health services and education for women and young girls in Dallas County. Horne emphasized the significance of strong partnerships with philanthropic leaders like The Addy Foundation in ensuring accessible and holistic healthcare for all Dallas County residents.

About The Addy Foundation

The Addy Foundation was formed in 2015 by Bill and Lydia Addy to further their long history of philanthropy and volunteerism in the North Texas region. Bill and Lydia have designated The Addy Foundation as a legacy foundation with the hope that it will outlive them and continue serving the region for generations to come. The Addy Foundation, which is invitation only, primarily serves the North Texas region in the areas of: Civics and Community Engagement, Culture, Education, Health and Social Services.

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