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Thief Steals Wallet and Grandson's Ashes Necklace from Unconscious Irving Woman

An elderly woman experienced a distressing incident on Wednesday, May 15th, in Irving. According to a resident living on Walnut Hill Ln., the woman, identified as her mother-in-law, went for a walk but succumbed to the heat and collapsed in the grass. Fortunately, a passerby discovered her and promptly called 911. However, amidst the ordeal, someone took advantage of her vulnerable state while being unconscious and stole her wallet along with other belongings.

Of particular significance was a necklace containing the ashes of her grandson, which the thief callously took. In a plea for its return, the resident took to Facebook, appealing to the public's goodwill. The loss of the sentimental necklace has added emotional strain to an already distressing situation for the family

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