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Dedicated Volunteers at Bowie Middle School's Parent Center Make a Difference

Photo courtesy of Irving ISD

The Parent Center at Bowie Middle School stands as a beacon of support for students, families, and staff, thanks to the efforts of 15 devoted volunteers. Led by parent liaison Mayra Orozco, these volunteers collectively boast over 50 years of experience, pouring their hearts into serving the school community.

At the Parent Center, families find essential resources, including food and other necessities, bridging the gap between home and school life. Two parent engagement initiatives, All Pro Dads and Wonder Moms, offer parents and guardians opportunities to connect with their children, with monthly meetings focusing on fellowship and learning parenting skills. Additionally, the Parent Center hosts free educational events throughout the year, covering topics such as health, wellness, and finances.

Mayra Orozco acknowledges the indispensable role of volunteers: "I couldn’t do any of this without our amazing volunteers. They are the ones who coordinate all of our events and make everything possible."

Recently, the Wonder Moms group organized hygiene bags for those in need on campus, exemplifying the heartwarming dedication of the volunteers. Some, like Gladys Alcancara, Gloria Campos, and Bonnie Jones, have a longstanding history of volunteering in Irving ISD, supporting their children and grandchildren throughout their educational journey.

Bonnie Jones shares her passion for volunteering: "I love being a volunteer. I first started when my grandson was at Townley, so when he started at Bowie I transferred here. That’s when I met Mayra and all of these other wonderful ladies."

Even volunteers like Claudia Torres, without children in the district, find fulfillment in giving back. Inspired by the work at Townley, Torres extended her volunteering journey to Bowie.

Mayra Orozco's experience with the Bowie volunteers has been transformative, prompting her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work. "I really do love working with these ladies. They are so dedicated to supporting everyone here and in the community," Orozco reflects. "Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, but they have the heart."

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at your student’s campus, contact your assigned Parent Liaison to learn how to sign up. 

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