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Arlington, Texas News

Arlington Police Issue DUI Warning Amidst Spring and Summer Festivities

As the warm embrace of spring settles over Arlington, the Police Department issues a stark reminder to residents about the dangers of driving under the influence (DUI) as summer looms ahead.

With the promise of pleasant evenings at patio bars, delightful weather, and vibrant music filling the air, it's easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season. However, recent events serve as a somber reminder of the potential consequences of irresponsible behavior behind the wheel.

In May of 2023, a harrowing incident unfolded along Mayfield Road, where a vehicle traveling at excessive speed struck a small speed bump, propelling it into the air before careening out of control upon landing. The vehicle collided with a tree, careened, and ultimately came to rest against a second tree.

The driver, who was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash, suffered serious injuries and became pinned between the two front seats. Subsequent investigation revealed that the driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the incident.

The Arlington Police Department emphasizes the importance of making responsible choices, especially during seasons associated with festivities and outdoor gatherings. They urge residents to prioritize safety and refrain from driving under the influence, as the consequences can be both severe and permanent.

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