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Wise County, Texas News

Wise County Deputies Thwart Attempted Police Impersonation During Midnight Traffic Patrol

On March 30, 2024, Wise County Sheriff's Deputies monitoring traffic near midnight encountered a concerning situation. They spotted a tan Tahoe with flashing blue and red police lights mounted in the windshield, closely tailing another vehicle as if attempting a law enforcement stop.

Responding promptly, the deputies, driving marked WCSO units, activated their genuine police lights, prompting the Tahoe to pull over while the other vehicle continued. Upon questioning, the driver admitted to merely "messing around" and confessed to not being a law enforcement officer.

Subsequently, deputies confiscated the unauthorized red and blue light bar from the Tahoe, and also discovered a 12-gauge pump shotgun in the front floorboard, which was seized. The driver was arrested for Impersonating a Public Servant, and his vehicle was towed.

Authorities issued a public service announcement advising citizens to familiarize themselves with the color schemes and graphics of local law enforcement and highway patrol vehicles. In the event of suspicion regarding an unmarked vehicle attempting a stop with minimal red and blue emergency lights, individuals are urged to slow down, proceed to a well-lit location with people present, or drive to the nearest law enforcement office, fire department, EMS station, or convenience store. If unable to reach a safe place, individuals are advised to call 911, provide their location, describe the suspicious vehicle, and seek guidance from the Emergency Call Center.

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