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Dallas, Texas News

Dallas Man Convicted of Murder, Receives 35-Year Prison Sentence

Raphael Jefferson

In a recent court case, the State faced off against Raphael Jefferson on charges of murder. Travis Wiles led the prosecution with Sasha Stribling as second chair, while DA Investigator Duane Glenn represented the state's interests. The investigation was spearheaded by the Dallas Police Department.

The incident unfolded as the victim sat in his car with his 9-month-old child, waiting outside a neighborhood nail salon for the child’s mother. Jefferson, reportedly enraged over a prior robbery allegedly involving the child’s mother, approached the vehicle and fired shots through the car door, fatally wounding the victim. Eyewitnesses to the harrowing event included the child’s mother, her sister, and an independent bystander.

During the trial, the absence of the child’s mother, who was incarcerated out of state, hindered direct testimony. However, the victim’s sister, although facing credibility challenges, stood as the sole witness able to positively identify Jefferson as the assailant. Additional evidence presented during the trial helped corroborate various aspects of her testimony, crucially supporting the case against Jefferson.

After careful deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of guilty against Jefferson for murder. The court sentenced him to 35 years behind bars.

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