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Wise County, Texas News

Wise County Deputy and Citizen Team Up to Apprehend Fleeing Felon

On March 7, 2024, a Wise County deputy made a significant arrest with the help of a vigilant citizen after a routine patrol in southern Wise County. While on proactive patrol, the deputy spotted a blue 2007 Ford Focus parked alongside the road. Upon approaching, the deputy noticed a man in the driver’s seat attempting to hide.

Suspecting something was amiss, the deputy stopped behind the Focus and engaged in a brief conversation with the driver. Upon checking the databases in the Emergency Communications Center, it was revealed that the driver had an outstanding felony arrest warrant for Sexual Assault of a Child. The deputy asked the man to step out of the car and informed him of the warrant. However, the individual made a sudden escape attempt, prompting a chase with the deputy in pursuit.

Despite the fleeing suspect momentarily evading sight, a caring citizen riding a golf cart approached the out-of-breadth deputy and offered assistance. Without hesitation, the deputy accepted the help, and together they continued the search. Soon enough, the suspect was spotted hiding in nearby brush.

Approaching the suspect, the deputy confronted him, but the individual attempted to flee once more. This time, the deputy successfully deployed a Taser, immobilizing the suspect and enabling his capture. The suspect, now in custody, has been placed in the Wise County Jail.

Following the incident, a Patrol Sergeant identified the helpful citizen who had assisted in the pursuit. The law enforcement agency expressed gratitude and emphasized the importance of community collaboration in ensuring public safety. "Together we can make a difference. Thank You, Sir!"

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